The Brew Head 

Adam Kemp is The Brew Head.  It was started in November 2012 in Mississauga, ON. The mission of The Brew Head is to review Ontario Craft beers that are available year-round at the LCBO and the breweries.  Occasionally there will be reviews of limited edition beer, and write-ups of breweries or events.

Brew Patrons

The term ‘Brew Patron’ was coined for reviewers/contributors of The Brew Head. They occasionally write reviews and accompany the Brew Head on Brew Hops.

Collaboration Reviews

Collaboration reviews will occur for those one-offs, limited edition, aged, and rare beer.


The mission is to inform the beer drinker about what’s available at the LCBO, including beer available all year, limited edition beer, one-off beer, and rare beer.   Reviews will be short and simplified.

Brew Hop

Occasionally, the Brew Head hits the road and heads to a brewery or a promotional event hosted by a brewery.

Know Your Bartenders/Brewers

This is an opportunity for the Brew Head to become familiar with bartenders and brewers throughout Ontario on a more personal level. It is a simple questionnaire which includes a picture of bartender/brewer, conducted by the Brew Head.


  • No Pint | Not recommended.
  • Half Pint | Sample it.
  • One Pint | If someone else is buying, take it.
  • Two Pints | If there’s nothing else to get, no harm in drinking it.
  • Three Pints | Worth buying if it happens to be available where you are.
  • Four Pints | Go out of your way, to your local pub, to get one.
  • Five Pints | Make a road trip out of it and go to the brewery.