REVIEW: Unifeye by Lost Craft


Lost Craft | Toronto, Ontario


What’s The Beer? 

Unifeye is the latest core beer to join the line-up of Lost Craft that’s widely available in the LCBO these days.  Unifeye is a Pale Lager that clocks in at a low crushable 4.2% ABV with a low IBU of 11.



Unifeye is the latest beer to join the line-up of Lost Craft and this one is a Pale Lager.  At 4.2%, it’s a crushable one indeed.   Out of the tallboy pours a clear, straw yellow colour with a white head that quickly dissipated.    The aroma is similar to a Lager with notes of grass, grain, and biscuits.   The palate is similar with subtle notes of lemon, grass, grain, and cereal.   On the finish, it’s refreshingly dry with subtle notes of lemon and cereal.

Unifeye is a decent yet crushable Pale Lager from Lost Craft.   I will admit that I don’t drink a lot of Lost Craft beer but Unifeye is a smooth and light beer that I will from time to time purchase because it’s good beer for activities such as cutting the grass, smoking meat, or well, just enjoying the sun.

As for the branding, it’s the same layout as their core lineup – but Unifeye is all white and silver.




More Hoppy Details

  • Beer | Unifeye
  • Style | Pale Lager
  • Brewery | Lost Craft
  • ABV | 4.2%
  • IBU | 11
  • Cost | $3.00
  • Purchased | LCBO Guelph (Wellington & Gordon)


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